Adam Walker

My method of creating art is influenced through my identity. To be more specific it is informed by my personality, experiences through life and my inspiration heavy metal music. All the work I produce can be traced back to my interests and who I am as a life form.

My work is created through the traditional mediums of drawing and painting. Sometimes it is created on a digital format using photography and using Photoshop. However, I am going to be utilising a medium of creating art that I have never done before nor did I consider using. The technique that I am talking about is performance art. The reason as to why I chose this technique is because I want to do something new that perfectly reflects my persona.

The performance piece that I am doing for the degree show is to reflect on my energetic and fun personality. This piece focuses on two themes in art practice, the identity and the body. Now how the piece is focused on the body as a theme, it portrays me in constant movement, never staying frozen in one moment like a painting or photograph.

The idea for creating this piece came into fruition near the end of my last module from the 1st semester. After realising that my original idea wasn’t practical and after discussing the idea with my tutors, I had come to the sudden realisation of how I could perfectly reflect my identity through the medium of performance.



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