Megan Topping

I have been studying art and design for over 10 years now; I always aim for my work to have a deeper meaning, something the viewers can explore further into. Art work that isn’t at first sight appears to be what it is that when you look closer you develop a different outlook on the work and naturally your perception changes along with it.

It is important for me to have an emotional connection with the work I produce and a passion for the subject. This allows me to develop and utilize my skills in a very rewarding and highly personal way.

My project is about the need for Catharsis. The main theme of my work will be the body and identity an exposing the dark side of human nature with the indifference to witnessing suffering through the media.

When life deals us with an unlucky card and how due to these experiences, change the way we feel, shape the way we think, our dreams and memories.

How our experiences affect us in the mind how our bad experiences affect us in both good and bad ways.

As technology advances we become desensitized to these images that were shown through the media because we see suffering more and more. I want the audience to think about how Art helps us, How we need catharsis to release our emotions or our thoughts and bad experiences to help us to heal and become better people.

Without suffering there can be no compassion.  Perhaps these unnerving and unpleasant images might have a positive effect on people. I will be drawing on people’s attraction to the morbid.

The emotional connection I had to the work made it difficult yet easy to manage the project.

I have related the findings to my past experience which has been emotionally challenging and very personal to me.

I’m Passionate about art as it allows me discover, develop and utilise my skills in a very rewarding and highly personal way.

Art allows me to channel my thoughts and feelings creating new work. For me it acts as an emotional output and acts as an escape.

I have learned a variety of mixed media such as media and materiality, graphic design, 3D, 2D and Photography. My skills acquired in photography include traditional darkroom printing including a wide variety of alternative processes.

I have acquired the skills to use the 4X5 large format camera, pinhole cameras, 35mm film and digital.

My fine art skills vary from portraiture, landscape, still life, life drawing and 3d.

The medium I work in is usually paint but I have explored and worked with most mediums such as ceramics, traditional drawing and paint medias, application software such as Photoshop, electronic forms of traditional methods such as digital photography and digital printing.

Extracurricular activities involve both charity and voluntary work. I have been offered to photograph a charity event in July. I have also been offered to do photography for a wedding. From past years I have participated in a group exhibition for Bolton

University and I are set to do another group exhibition at the end of this academic year.



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