Victoria Lynch

Traditional face-to-face and eye-to-eye contact, may be giving way to the demands of the constant import and export of messages, chats and social media posts. We are no longer tied to interacting solely with the people we are physically with, as smart technology frees us and transports our thoughts elsewhere. This fragmentation of our attention in multiple directions seems to place us, each, into our own smart sequestered world, which manifests in an appearance of separateness.

In direct contrast to the instant gratification, and relentless demands of our smart technology, I deliberately choose the slow, methodical process of painting. The practice allows me time to contemplate, and the space to transpose my thoughts and feelings into form. My work is set in public places and documents my observations of this division of attention, from the actual, the ethereal.  I leave the viewer to consider if this is a positive expansion of our field of reference, with increasing opportunities for interaction, and allowing us to maintain a wider social circle. Or perhaps question if the unceasing distraction of ‘smart’ connectivity, intrudes on time with our important close relationships, diminishing their prominence and reducing intimacy.



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