Joanne Whitworth

My work focuses on identity and memory. The theme is based around how we lose parts of ourselves when we depart our clothing to charities; represented by using embroidery to stitch on the memories. Each item of clothing holds a memory and thus creates its own identity to the rest of them. They are presented as in a narrative; baby clothes for the beginning, all the way to “mature” clothing at the end. The embroidery is a statement of history and how it is mainly focused as a “woman’s pastime”.

The video presented will also show the stages along the project; re-enacting the “sweatshop” experience; working nearly every day to get a target number of clothing pieces completed.

Some of the embroidered clothes hold reasons as to why were they donated; as the host changes, so does their perspective on the clothing. Some memories are fictional but do hold strong points as a collection, why some would abandon them; going through physical change, fashion change, to personal reasons.

Having the pieces arranged on clothing rails has given them a new lease of life, but soon after they have been exhibited in the degree show, the words will be carefully removed and the clothing items will be placed back into charities; thus continuing the cycle.



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