Luke Baybutt

The thrill of creativity is what drives me forward to do what I do and how I explore new methods in which to implement into my work.

I’ve always been fascinated by different art forms; I continue to be inspired by animation, cartoon shows and visual graphics in gaming.

The skills I have accumulated and opportunities given to me whilst studying for my Fine Art degree have allowed me to experience and understand the different contemporary mediums of art.

I have experimented with the use of various materials to create a range of images and sculptures, using paint, water colour, print, clay, wood, and digital processes.

I worked on my winged sculpture, looking at how to conceptually represent the different sides to my personality. This forms an important theme within my work; the effects of one’s personality and how it may change.

My current passion is using 2D processes to create digital art work. My digital artwork is aimed at portraying individuals with different personas, which is made possible through imagination, whilst being free of traditional restrictions; the digital artwork is capable of being produced in any size and manipulated to create intricate detail. The reason why these personas are drawn in the Japanese animated style is so they can appear a lot more expressive, flexible and vibrant; a way of representing qualities in a person that “realistic” life sketches may not convey. I used the exaggerated features and settings of anime to interpret the information I have gathered through interviews and discussions with the subject. The final pieces incorporate the original photographic portrait and possibly a statement about the process involved or comments from the subjects themselves. There will also be an opportunity for the viewer to make comments, interacting within the exhibition setting.

I initially decided to carry out these interviews to help me with my social skills, as my Asperger’s Syndrome has a big effect on how I relate to people; I do not read visual cues in the same way that people do without the condition. This is a two-way process and the people I have interviewed have found out more about me. It has also given people the opportunity to be more expressive and creative in how they wish to be depicted.



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