Paulina Diezek

I am a mixed media artist, who is interested mainly in collecting old photographs to be used for collage; adding paintings, photo montage, text etc.

My work is usually based around memories and abandonment. I find the best photographs to be the ones without any known history to them, like those found on internet or flea market.  I enjoy the mystery within the photograph, and find it intriguing how it is possible to create a fictional yet somewhat believable meaning for them.

I want to present to people how easy it is to create a story for a random photograph and make it believable. It shows the importance of research and how you have to be careful about what you believe; especially for the sources found on the internet or even in newspapers printed in the present day. People believe in things they see, yet they don’t bother to look it up properly to actually know whether or not it is true.

It is sad really how newspapers will use random photographs in their articles and mess up stories to make them controversial, so to lure people into reading them. Not only that but there are films that claim to be based on true events, yet they bend facts a little too far. This is exactly what my work is trying to shout out to people; catchy and interesting yet is it really true?



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